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Climate change is the single most important issue of the 21st century and it is up to all of us, whether businesses or individuals to take action.

Climate change is more than an environmental problem, it is a societal problem. Every day we release 70 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this is the gas that controls the temperature of the planet. This invisible and potentially deadly gas comes from burning coal, oil and gas in our power stations to run our offices and homes and the use of cars and planes.

At we are committed to carbon neutrality. We make donations to a number of green awareness organisations such as Crops for energy and The Wonder Tree to offset our emissions.

But our approach goes further than this; we also believe that there’s more to be done than simply offsetting our emissions and washing our hands of any further responsibilities. Our proactive approach includes implementing the following measures in our managed houses and in houses we redevelop.

  • Energy saving light bulbs wherever possible, including new technology such as LED over halogen incandescent down lighters.
  • Grade A and A+ appliances, as marked by the European Directive.
  • Grade A fully condensing boilers
  • Extended warranties on all appliances supplied by us – this ensures appliances are repaired rather than replaced.
  • We never include gas and electric charges inclusive of bills – this promotes awareness and ensures tenants are responsible with their usage.
  • PIR lighting systems in communal hallways, that turn themselves on and off.
  • Installation of Rock wool and cavity wall insulation where practical.

Furthermore we have implemented the following measures in our office and in the way that we conduct our business

  • 90% of everything we print on is recycled; from our tenancy agreements to letters and envelopes, ‘post It notes’ and even key fobs.
  • Our energy is supplied from ‘Good energy’ and is therefore only generated form renewable sources.Good Energy
  • We offer chauffeured viewings to cut down on cars which are shared
  • We offer online virtual tours which drastically cut down on viewings altogether
  • Emails over phone and paper printing – these include our monthly landlord statements which are now issued electronically.

We are always looking at new ways we can save energy and new partners to work with in order to offset our emissions. Please contact us should you have any suggestions or wish to enquire further.